Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We were struck down!

It has been a little while since my last post and with good reason!  You see it was one of those weeks!  My Little Miss E was struck down!!!! 

Last Saturday Little Miss E had a runny nose - Not another cold (summer colds are the worst!).  On Sunday night the runny nose turned in to a vomit or two same again on Monday night - poor little Miss E (and I do mean little she is 2 years old and is very slight only 11kg, not much to her!)

Tuesday it got a little interesting - vomiting gone, runs start, you know, the nuclear type kida like the No. 3's babies have!  Wednesday rolls around I am tired (Master N is yet to master sleeping through the night) and Little Miss E still has the runs!

So Wednesday we head to the doctors all 4 of us.  Little Miss E drops a bomb (am I mean nuclear) no changing facility, Miss S pulls a toy out of the rocking horse's bum and decleares this to the whole waiting room, with a hearty "look what I got from up the horses bum!" (whole waiting room bursts into laughter as do I).  Finally see the Dr and the conculsion is go home and hydrate with artifical bubblegum flavoured peadalite (yummo, I mean gross!) and head to A&E if it gets worse.

Thurday Little Miss E is dropping nuclear bombs everytime she has a drink, was loosing a heap of fluid,  and I had to clean a number of accidents off the carpet (I have a weak stomach, concentrating on nice things, quilts, sewing, fluffy bunnies ... that sCRAP doesn't work, I just grined and bared it!).  It is here that I admitted defeat!  We, me and 4 kids head to A&E, picking up hubby on they way.

We got seen immediately and for this I am truley grateful!!! 

Conclusion: we measure in and out at the hospital giving Little Miss E 5ml of fluid every 1min and weigh the nappies.  Did I mention I had done this at home and was loosing?!

In the end Little Miss E is getting addmitted and a gastro tube put down to hydrate her while she sleeps.  Mr Sew Stitched Up has to stay with Little Miss E the night.  Little Miss S is still amazed at what she can pull out of bums (well if I found a toy up a horses bum I would be too, lol).  And me like a big baby I am just wanted my Mum.

It took two nights in hospital for the run's to stop and Little Miss E to get hydrated.  Little Miss E is fine now, 2kg lighter, but fine, the evil little virsus that caused all of this was a rota virsus, which struck my little girl down like .... (thinking of something witty)... kryptonite (not that witty) ... well you get the idea.

Thanks for reading I needed to get that off my chest!  Now to the interesting sewing type things....

Christmas decorations for teachers and those I forget, (here is the link for the patterns, from Button Bliss)

My personal fav!

I love using variegated thread!  It's so fun!

In our house Santa is very generous and leaves some lollies - This is Miss S's Lollie Bag, I made today, Miss E and Miss J's are coming.  I am yet to make the little name tag.

Here is the tutorial if you are interested.

And last but not least this... (yes, kids eating just left of shot, keeping it real baby!)

This is a tutorial find people! Mommy Blessings has this fairy wing tutorial.  Glitter and fairies people, how could you go wrong (is it wrong that I may try them on when done)!  Go check her out! There are some neat tuts over there!

Right I am off to partake in ... fairy wing shaping!  Have a great week!