Monday, February 1, 2010

Pot Luck Awareness Month - aka Bring a Plate, and other madness

Hi.  How have you been?  Long time no see. Since my last post things here have been chaotic to say the least. 

The month of the December should be called - Pot Luck Awareness Month, (I hear that giggle, I know you know what I am talking about).

December for us involved a number of bring a plate type things, I did go to the trouble of making some Cookies and Cream Truffles - but by the time the lunch came around there wasn't enough left to call it a plate, I swear I don't know what happend (ok, yes I ate some)!  How to you recover from this?  Pop on the plate some strawberries and grapes and cut up some oranges - price of fruit $4, feeling you get seeing your plate empty at pre-school, priceless (you know what I am talking about). 

Any how, here is December in pictures

Tutu for Little Miss E

Lizard for Master N
And I finished the very first quilt I started ... Four and a bit years in the making.
Snaps for me!!!!!!!!

Rainbow sparkle binding

And Little Miss S's hand prints quilted on the border

I am yet to name the above quilt, It was given to my Little Miss S for Christmas.  The quilt itself is english paper pieced, the main part of the quilt was appliqued on to the borders, which have mitred corners.

January just flew by.  Like so many others I have a "this year I will"  But I will leave that for next post.  I hope you have all been well.

Till next time

PS for those of you wondering if i got the Piece of Cake Applique Outside the Lines book the answer is no,  I got this...


  1. I am glad to see you are back, missed you! And at least there was nothing seriously wrong with you or your family...
    This tutu is lovely, this lizard unbelievably cute, love the combination of strips and black and white!
    And congratulations on finishing the first quilt you ever started. It looks great. Is it hanging on the wall?

  2. Hello ! I love the handprint , just gorgeous .

  3. Hi Amalia, your Grandmother's garden is so wounderful - I love how the collour's is playing around. Paper picing is nice to do.
    Love the little Lizard too!