Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's Your Favourite Shape?

Mine is a hexagon.  Of course my favourite shape has evolved over the years.  When I was younger it was a heart.  I would write letters to my friends and sign off  " ♥ Amelia"  and yes the i in my name had a little heart to dot it.  That was my pink-heart-love-anything with glitter phase.  Then I moved to the star phase the whole celestial thing, the sun the moon and all of that.  I still like stars (not so much the whole celestial thing), I even made a star quilt for Miss E (DD3), made from the scraps out of my Mum's scrap bin, she has the best scrap bin filled with the most delicious tid-bits!!

But back to hexagons.  I like how they are even.  They fit together in just the right way, you can make flowers with them, they break down in to triangles and diamonds, throw in a petagon and you can make a ball endless inspiration. 

This shape started my affair with quilting.  My first quilt, still unfinished, was started when I was pregnant with Miss S (DD2) you guessed it - hexagons, a variation on a grandmothers flower garden.

It is made Mostly from my Mum's scrap bin and many generous donation's from her stash (she has a wicked cool stash!).  This is not the whole quilt.  It has 99 flower hexagons and has been quilted using a vergiated perle cotton, big stitch styles.  It has the tinest bit of quilting left to do on the border, which I really should finish, i'll get there, it just won't be this week. Or next for that matter.

Have a look what I have left over...

Yep I got a bit carried away with the cutting and the basting.  But was just so much fun!

And then there are these...

These are a super long term swap I have going with my Mum, made from fun bright fabrics lots and lots of colour, taking a leaf from Freddy Moran's books (is there such thing as too much colour?)  The fun thing about these blocks is the fussy cutting - one piece of fabric could have the potential to look oh so different depending on how you cut it.

We decided to english paper piece, to aviod the descrepencies which can occur between quilters.  The orginal inspiration came from a quilt called Candied Hexagons,  Quiltsalott has a post here if you want more information including information about the pattern.  

So I ♥ Hexagons.  What shape do you ♥ ?



  1. I had to laugh when I was little I always dotted my i with a heart too, hadn't thought about that in years.
    Well I would love to shop in your mom's scrap basket too! That would be fun and yes I would make a hexagon quilt totally scrappy with all her happy fabrics as I call the brights!
    Love the long term swap blocks your making with her too.
    The hexagon quilt I sure hope you finish its a beauty!
    welcome to blogland...

  2. Welcome to blogging, I love you fuzzy cut hexagons.
    I have been following your Mums blog and love her work too.


  3. Welcome to blogging - your hexagon quilt is stunning as are the fussy cut hexagons. I have just posted about a hexagon quilt..

  4. I love your wonderful hexagons based on Freddie Moran! Fabulous. Cheers.

  5. Oh my are a Rock Star just like your Mom!!! Such talent in the family...
    I love your hexagons and all of the bright colors. Shopping in your Mom's stash and scrap bin must be a bit like heaven:o)

  6. You have a great blog!!! I have seen your pretty star quilt on your mothers blog, earlier, and it is lovely!! One of my favorite shapes, the wonky star. Right now, would you have guessed, I am into hexagons. Please drop over and have a look... I love how colorful your hexagon quilt is. Your long term swap hexagons are fantastic. What size do you use?

  7. Wow! Great blog and great quilts! The hexagon is my favorite shape, too - I'm just not good at sewing them. Your work is so pretty and colorful. Hope you'll show more of your long-term swap blocks as they progress.

  8. Welcome to blogging, Amelia! I've felt such joy from the encouragement, feedback and friendliness. Your work is fabulous and I enjoy your writing style. I look forward to seeing more!
    (Janet, the proud mom, "sent me".)

  9. Welcome to the blog world!! It looks like you have similar fabric and quilt tastes as me. I was sent here by your mom and she has wonderful taste too. I am looking forward to following you and your work!!

  10. Your mum sent me over to check out your blog....I could easily see talent runs in the family!

  11. I enjoyed seeing your bright fab hexs. I have a 100+ in repo fab and had soooo much fun doing them. Like a comment above, would love to know the SIZE of the hex. Thanks for doing blogs....

  12. Oh, so beautiful! Isn't it fun to have a mother you can quilt with? Welcome to blogland -- it looks like you have some fantastic projects in the works!!!

  13. I think both your hexagon and star quilts are wonderful. I have 4 young children too so I can relate to the difficulty in finding time to sew. But I make the time and when I do I like making half square triangles - they're definately my favorite shape.

  14. It's certainly easy to see that you share your Mom's talent, Amelia. Continued success and enjoy your journey...when you can fit it in with four children.

  15. Welcome to blogging. You will meet some great people. Your mum has sent us all to visit. I too would love to delve into your mothers scraps and stash.
    Your work is wonderful and no there is no such thing as too much colour. I am not into hexagons-yet anyway- but I love stars.
    Look forward to following your blog.

  16. Welcome to blogging, Amelia
    Mum sent me!....I love everything your Mum does and I can see you take after your Mum and also do beautiful work!
    I look forward to following your blog..
    I love Hexies too...and Repro's!
    Julia ♥

  17. Hi Amelia and welcome to Blogland! It is a nice place to be and will be a nice break from
    being a Domestic Goddess! Yes, I follow you Mum's blog closely and love it, so I will enjoy yours, too! You are following in Mum's footsteps with your beautiful work!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  18. Hi, Amelia, I'm linking up from your mother's blog. I love hexagons, too. But -- I'm also crazy about triangles, circle, and .... That's what is so fun about quilting -- endless variations on different shapes. I'll bet your mother does have a wicked cool stash, and that box of colorful hexagons is fantastic! And what a perfect box to keep them in! Welcome to Blogland! I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.


  19. Good luck with the blog. I love hexagons too. I resisted the urge to buy a hexagon ruler today. I already have a hex ruler, but not exactly like the one I picked up and put down five times before forcing myself to walk away.