Monday, October 26, 2009

Late Night Flower Arranging

This weekend just gone was a long weekend for us in New Zealand.  No early morning school start - so I decided to take advantage of this and partake in some flower arranging.  Meg's Garden got pulled out last night and was spread across the lounge floor.

It wasn't till the clock struck 1am that I realised I had become totally involved in arranging these flowers, peeling and sticking, re-sticking, moving, standing back and admiring, then hitting repeat.  This is my little floral jigsaw and I am having so much fun with it.  Right down to the "oh no that won't do"

I really am pleased with how this is turning out - however I will admit to being slightly nervous when I think about the raw edge applique.  This is because my sewing machine isn't my best friend at the moment.  It's on the way out, dying a slow and painful death.  The doctors aren't too sure what the problem is, perhaps just old age. 

I think it's because I am cursed!  I have never had a new sewing machine, mine have all been second hand (except the little blue toy sewing machine I had when I was little, it did chain stitch and was reliable!) and they just don't love me like they should. 

My newest old machine was given to me by my mum, which was given to her by her mum which was given to her by you guessed it ... my mum.  It's done full cirlce but after sewing a stack of nappies on it and some other little bits and pieces it is now missing stiches!  Occasionally it makes a clunk sound and then the other day needles started breaking!  It has been well looked after and serviced etc - it just hates me!

So I think I may have to do the raw edge applique on this beauty ...

Oh don't laugh.  No, have a laugh, I am!  She has an air of reliablity about her don't you think!  So to get in her good graces I am going to name her ... any ideas?  I was thinking Mabel.  Able Mabel.

As a result of this development  I have decidied that next weekend I will win lotto and with the winnings I am going to buy new sewing machine!

So till next time

I had a couple of comments asking what size hexagon I use.  I use a 1½ inch - that is a side is 1½ inch.


  1. Meg's garden is coming out beautifully! I just love all that Kaffe goodness in the flowers. I could see how you could lose track of time. I hope that you don't have too many difficulties sewing it up.

  2. If I had all those Kaffe flowers to play with, I would be up all night, too. As it is, I spent all yesterday morning playing w/Kaffe 1/2 square triangles. Love Able Mabel!


  3. I love my Janome Memory Craft but it *chokes* when asked to sew a Flying Geese unit or a Pinwheel, too many layers I guess. After fighting with it for far too long I got out 'Adela', my Featherweight and she hummed right over those seams without a hiccup. Nice! There's something to be said for solid mechanics over solid state (computer) sometimes. Some women in my mini group named their FWt's after their granny, Sadie, Iva, Adela. Mabel fits right in!

  4. Your flowers are looking so fresh and lovely. Good luck with the raw edge applique!

  5. Loving your work...and I have one of those Able machines that I use for just about everything! Welcome to blogland...

  6. Hello Amelia,
    Welcome to blogging. I have been reading your mom's blog for a while now and I love what she does and I can see that you have some talent too. Look forward to seeing what you do. Have fun blogging and making new friends.

  7. The flowers look like so much fun. I think the machine is telling you it's time for a service. At least able Mable is a reliable stand by.

  8. That is so frusterating when your machine won't cooperate! I like my little featherweight - it chugs through bulky seams with ease and is great as a "take along" machine. Mabel sounds like a good name - I never thought of naming mine. Your flowers look very fresh and pretty.

  9. Welcome to blogging, Amelia. I enjoy your mom's blog, and I'm enjoying reading about your colorful quilt creations.

    My daughters have been frustrated as you have -- using Mom's discarded sewing machine or a rummage sale special. But I bought them each a new machine for an early Christmas present--not expensive, but a new machine with a few special features will make their sewing fun again. (They told me so.)
    They'll keep their old machines for the "nasty" sewing.

    Love those pretty flowers!

  10. Love the flower arranging! All those delightful flowers!! I can see how you could lose track of time. (I would too.) I've never braved machine applique. "Able Mable" (cute name) looks like a great little lady who's ready to lend a hand.

  11. I know all about playing with the flowers, I just did the same a few month ago! And it got 1 am too, at least ;-)