Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today was not a good quilting day!  After seeing Cathy's  Wave Runner quilt I thought I would have a crack at it. 

I got this fabric...

and cut these bits

and it turns out I am a bit of a spaz when it comes to all things wavy!  You know there are just somethings in this world that aren't ment to be and this was one of them! 

I think the problem may have been that some of my waves were a little too ambitious, and at this point I will admit I am not the best at following instrcutions.  What was that? oh, you want me to say it a little louder?  Ok.  I am not the best at following instructions. 

So today I learnt an all important lesson lessons.  Read the instructions, follow the instructions, become one with the instructions.  Or you end up with piece of fabric that resembles a bra rather than a quilt top or anything that could be cut and made into a quilt top!  Oh well, never mind chalk this one up to experience. 

Here is the pic for those of you wondering what a bra quilt top thing looks like.

So for the moment I have waved bye to the waves and went a googling, and I found this bandana skirt tutorial from V and Co.  What perfect timing!  This month, Canteen have been selling bandanas to rasie for money for teenagers with cancer.  This happens every year and with three girls we now have a little collection.  And every year I think "that would make a cool quilt or something or other"  And every year I do ... nothing.  This year I turned this...

into this (well not quite Miss S had to keep that one on her head)

And all I had to do was read the instrustions! 

All spured on, I churned out these for Miss J (my little enviro warrior),  I like the hearts, don't really fancy the enviro skirt.

and this for Miss E, a mini version of Miss J's (wow look at that size difference!)

Miss S wasn't left out and is the proud owner of what she calls the "pirate skirt."
Bye for now


  1. cute skirts
    well what I would do is cut those wavy strips into squares and then alternate the direction and sew it up into a quilt
    say 6" or 8" blocks?
    you could then cut them in half diagonally and make scrappy blocks
    there are lots of things you could do with the wavy quilt, or maybe it will quilt out!!!!!
    I am sure you will come up with something!
    good luck!

  2. I'm pretty good at reading instructions -- after I've made a tragic mistake :).

  3. I love the cute.
    Kathie has a good idea for the wavy strips..cut them up into blocks!
    There is a curved ruler for wavy seams..I think I would have had the same trouble as you with that!
    Julia ♥

  4. I love your 'bra' quilt Amelia, those spots are great. I think Kathie has the right idea, cut it up and sew it back together!! Love the skirts xo

  5. The fabrics are pretty funky, I love a dot or spot. I like the idea of cutting it up, recycling it into something that you may even love more. Cute skirts, you must have been on a roll with those.