Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blowing My Trumpet

This post is about me blowing my own trumpet, hehe.  Today I think  I am 'da bomb'.  Miss S and Miss E are just not interested in my little achievement.  Master N is just too young to appreciate anything that doesn't produce milk.

Well I was just so proud of myself I has to share this...

And this...

I have never attempted applique before this,  Infact the thought of applique scared me!  Imagine colds sweats and the likes!  And as I have mentioned before I am not the best at following instructions.  But boy I think I am pretty darn special right now, lol.

Now, I have seen some beautiful applique patterns that I have dribbled over.  Applique Outside the Lines book by Piece O' Cake Designs, has this quilt in it called tree of life

I would kill to be able to make this quilt!  (And if a certain Husband is reading this blog a certain wife would love this book for an upcoming celebration!  I know so subtle but this book doen't appear in junk mail love!)

Kellie's Little Quilt Along has opened a door for me!  Jo's Coat is only the begining!  Of what my become an obsessive, unhealthy relationship with applique!



  1. Appliqué is "da bomb" and so are you! I'm hoping to score that Piece O'Cake book soon myself :).


  2. Your Josephs Coat looks great. I am off to draft my blocks.Hope you get the book you want-may need more hints let around the place!!

  3. Terrific!! You did a beautiful job. I certainly hope that you get that book, it is wonderful, I know, I have it!! Hubby, it really would be a great gift!

  4. If DH gets that book, he will score brownie points big time! Love your points on the blocks and what can I say, I love your colours. You are little miss precise, yay. Maybe it's in the genes, lol.

  5. Beautiful work!!
    Well done.
    Andi :-)

  6. Love those colour choices. I am wanting that book too :-)

  7. Beautiful applique work. You have every right to be proud of yourself. Best of luck with dropping hints about that book.

  8. Hi, I love your new block! Wounderful colours :o) The book Applique Outside the Lines with Piece O'Cake Designs is the first prise at a Giveaway that I will arrange at the end of this week..... :o)

  9. You rock! Glad you shared it with us. I like the fabric you chose.

  10. Amelia, I LIVE to applique (and for my 7 kids, of course) but I just to think applique was SO hard, because it looked SO good to me, true art. I started in earnest with freezer paper, but one day, I said to me, self, this takes such an awful amount of time to prep to sew, and if others can needleturn, then why can't you? And so I did. And it took when me one quilt to get it all the way (which was a Pat Sloan pattern, Old Blooms, I made mine purple and put on blackbirds so mine is Blackbird's & Blooms) one's mind and fingers need to connect and program. Keep with the Jo's Coat, it will empower you, then after, go to my friend, Joanna's blog, and see her tutorial on needleturn. ANd visit me at
    Keep on truckin'! Love the colors you picked.
    ~anna in md

  11. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. Your JC quilt is going to look great in yellow. Your applique looks good, you know what they say, "Practice, practice, practice" Ha, you'll be getting plenty of that! Keep in touch, Jessica

  12. oh your block looks wonderful, love the colors!
    I think you have the applique bug!
    isn't it wonderful?
    Ah yes you need this book and DH had better buy that for you!
    quilting is your sanctuary now!
    I am sure he understands that!

  13. Your block looks great, so sunny! I am still not diving into this, even if I want to. Thank you for very inspiring picture. And the pattern from Piece O' cake is very sweet. Maybe, someday I will get around to it...

  14. If you get the book and attempt the quilt, be sure to check on the publisher's website. There is a correction for that particular page.

    I am waiting for my local shop to get a copy of the book for me. At present there's a wait on the publisher's end. They've begun a new printing with, I assume, the correction.

    No telling whether the book you get will or will not have the accurate cutting instructions so be sure to save yourself the frustration of verifying the correct sizes before you cut.

  15. I am a lurker of your mom's blog and am a big fan of her work. From what I can tell you follow in her footsteps. Hope you get the book for Christmas. It has gotten my wheels turning and thinking about that quilt as well. Add it to my to do list and wish list. I think it would be beautiful to hang in my entry way. I have added you to my favorites as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Your block looks great, i love the colours you have chosen.
    I also have never tried applique before the Josephs Coat quilt along, but I'm very happy to see you get such beautiful results. I would be well pleased if my first try turns out so lovely.

  17. Amelia, high five on the applique! It looks grand!