Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Heart...

Hear that?  Zoom Zoom Zoom.  That was me this week!  Man oh man. 

You know those weeks where you just run and run and run, from one thing to another, dropping kids off, picking kids up, Plunket appointment (3month old Master N weighs 6.4kgs (14.1lb)!!  last minute freaky friday costume, helping at Miss J's school, and lets not forget a Birthday Present to make ... ZOOM.  I feel like The Flash no Wonderwoman Batman (with out the Wayne fortune, but with the cool utility belt!)

Last minute Freaky Friday Costume for Miss J - The Queen of Hearts, Made the night before in an hour.  All I have to say is " I heart eleastic"  Please don't look closely the sewing is TERRIBLE!

What I would give for a little more heads up!  Miss J likes to tell me things at the last minute!  Boy I hope she grows out of that, and soon!

Then Miss J was Invited to a Birthday Party... what to do... Tissue box cover!

"I Heart Mod Podge!!!!"

And then there is this, I call it "Space Cowboy"  Made using this tutorial from Kellie,  Its for Master N for Christmas.  My sewing machine didn't really want to play while I was making this.  It was a bit of a practice before I have a crack at Megs Garden.  I don't heart my sewing machine at the moment!  A phone call to Mum and a chat about the feed dogs hopefully has me on the right track now.  "I Heart My Mum" and people who take the time to share and make tutorials, you rock!

And there is this, made from another tutorial from Kellie (I swear i'm not a stalker)

Which I needed for this...(really, i'm not a stalker!)

I am bang on target with The DLN Quilt Along, and this fills me with a great sense of achievement!  I am enjoying plodding along with this! But it did cause this...

Time for me to use this ...

I use this because I can't can't use a thimble, I am thimble challenged!  So I use this leather-finger-sock thimble, and it works a treat!  I was using a little leather thimble pad but as the weather warms so do my hands (i suffer from sweaty hands) and it just doesn't stick to my finger.

So now I am off to Heart MYSELF!  Put my feet up and have a look at all those wonderful blogs out there! 

But before I do that I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to those who comment on my posts and follow me I really appreciate it!  I try very hard to respond to every comment, but sometimes I may miss one or two - this is because I have 3 Kids under 5 and 1 big 10yo, my life can get very ... ZOOM =)

I also wanted to say thanks for the support!  I am a newborn quilter, and all the help and encouragement means alot!  You all inspire me.

Have a great week


  1. Oh thank you, I heart you too dear daughter! I love the cushion, it looks so fun and good luck with the quilting, I'm sure little mr N will have no complaints. The JC is looking really wow, just fabulous with those colours. Kellie's patterns are so up your ally.

  2. Oh, my! You are busy! The rocket ship is awesome. I've been eyeing that tutorial for some time now. Seeing yours makes me want to give it a shot. :) And your quilt along blocks are so pretty... I'm in love with those gorgeous oranges and yellows. Beautiful!

  3. Those tips of the Joseph's Coat melons are pretty tough to needle through, aren't they? I keep putting the eye end into my finger too!

  4. The costume looks wonderful! So do the quilt along blocks, will look great when its finished!

  5. Whew! I'm tired just reading your post! It's ok to admit to being a Kellie stalker -- I'm one and I admit it LOL!

  6. I just use masking tape around my finger when it starts to get used up for hand sewing. Be well!