Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The C word

Wow, what a busy week!  After seeing on a blog a Chrismas countdown, and having Christmas junk mail arrive, I had a Christmas meltdown.  The one that happens when you realise that Christmas is only just around the corner, screaming head on toward you, and you now have very little time to make those little things you wanted to gift to people ... breathe! 

It's not that I don't like Christmas, I enjoy it very much!  What I don't enjoy is the onslaught of junk mail (which just gets dumped in the recycling) and consumerism that comes with it.  So this year I have decided to make the kids something each.  Nothing huge that will require a herculean effort, but something special just for them, made for by their Mum.  I quite like that idea!

So with the C word in mind out came a stash of Australian Homespun mags.  I found so many things I wanted to make... but I was strong and stayed on target. Here is a sneak peek of what I have been up to (white cotton not the best choice, oh well never mind)...

and the chopstick incident... enough said!  Smaller stitches next time.

And then there is this.  Something just for me, from me, to help me keept my sanity!

Any guess as to what that's about??  Oh you got it!  I am doing a quilt along,  As I am sure many of you are aware Kellie from Don't Look Now has very generously come up with this fantastic Joseph's Coat quilt along.  This is so super exciting for me!!  I have never ever participated in a quilt along! Or attempted applique.  Here is a colour sneek peek...

I am not naturally drawn to these colours, so I hope this will offer a challenge for me!

Last but not least this is the bit where I say look at what my husband and Miss J made me for my Birthday!  Aren't they cleaver!

Impressive isn't it!  Let me tell you it was delish!

Right I am off, I am sorry if there are terrible spelling mistakes I am posting rather late at night, and would you believe I have been trying to post this since Friday!
Till next time, enjoy yourselves and have fun!


  1. You're doing better than I am, I may not even get to the handmade items this year. Your fabrics in the sneak peek look very good. Wish I could have joined you for cake, didn't they do well!

  2. I'm getting ready to have a Christmas meltdown myself. I see inspiring stuff everywhere, but just have no plan for getting anything done.

    I love the colors you've selected for Kellie's project -- I love seeing what everyone is coming up with. And Happy (Belated?) Birthday!!!